A. Martin Plonka / Typeface Classification

Great Typeface Classification Posters from Martin Plonka.


Filippo Nostri

The work  of Filippo Nostri deals with a particular attention to relation between form, material and structure. Both commissioned and self produced work is produced.

Atelier Rene Knip


Atelier Rene Knip is a designer in Netherlands.

Arabic Typography


A communication platform for Arabic Type.

Designing with type


Originally created by James Craig, from Cooper Union, New York, as a supplement to his textbook Designing with type: a basic course in typography, this website now includes projects and contributions made by educators, students and designers worldwide. The site consists of sections on the following areas: projects; typefaces; resources, which includes books, journals, organisations and websites; and an open forum of essays, quotations and items of interest. The ‘projects’ section presents typographic assignments from a list of universities and designers. Images of the completed assignments are also shown.



Letraset is a well-known global company who as well as producing their famous transfer typefaces, design display typefaces, graphic design tools and apply type designs to publications, advertisements, packaging, brochures and corporate identities. Their website is primarily commercial, used for the sale of fonts, graphics materials, crafts products and manga kits. Digital products can be purchased online worldwide, with other items available for UK delivery only. In addition to sales, the product information section provides detailed information on Letraset products, along with articles, examples and applications. The gallery exhibits “creative use of products” and the Letraset ripper, an interactive online typesetter, enables users to create and save up to 30 personalised type settings. Letraset also develop new typefaces and invite the submission of designs from any source.



Emigre is a digital type foundry, publisher and distributor of graphic design related software and printed materials in California, USA. Its website hosts an electronic version of the Emigre product catalogue and there is a facility to order products. Information about new releases and special offers is also available. An artist index lists names of artists whose work has featured in Emigre publications and a bibliography lists all Emigre publications. Contents details for past issues of the journal titled ‘Emigre’ are also available.