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Designing with type


Originally created by James Craig, from Cooper Union, New York, as a supplement to his textbook Designing with type: a basic course in typography, this website now includes projects and contributions made by educators, students and designers worldwide. The site consists of sections on the following areas: projects; typefaces; resources, which includes books, journals, organisations and websites; and an open forum of essays, quotations and items of interest. The ‘projects’ section presents typographic assignments from a list of universities and designers. Images of the completed assignments are also shown.

Paul Baker typography


This is the website for Paul Baker Typography, Inc. Based in Chicago, Paul Baker Typography, Inc. started out as a design for print company, but when traditional typography skills waned in the 1990s, they concentrated more on Web design and founded a new firm, Inc., which deals with Web development. It was decided to keep the old website about the mechanics and history of typography “for historical purposes”. Designed in 1995, the typography site has basic information about: old type / new face, a project to digitise a typeface; setting type, with terminology and visual examples; alphabet 26, a new radical re-design of the alphabet; a gallery; and links, which includes examples of award-winning projects. The link to, which opens a new screen, discusses content management, site development and Web design and showcases websites created by the Company.

Thinking with type


The ‘Thinking with type’ website is the online companion to the book ‘Thinking with type: a crtical guide for designers, writers, editors and students’, written by graphic designer Ellen Lupton, and published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2004. The website is split into sections entitled Letter, Text, Grid and Resources, each section covering different aspects of typography, such as anatomy, size, fonts, line spacing, and alignment. The Resources section includes related downloadable presentations and teaching materials, advice, links to other typography sites, and a comprehensive bibliography.

Typetester : compare screen type


This website is for Typesetter, a Web application by Marko Dugonjic, a Croatian Web developer. The application is designed to make it easier for Web designers to see what various fonts look like on screen. The user can copy and paste their own text into the text box, and choose up to three fonts to compare. They may then adjust options such as: font size; tracking; alignment; word space; font and background colour, and the application will then display the desired texts in three fonts in their various combinations of bold, italic, uppercase and so on. The website contains browser requirements, step-by-step instructions, and a list of resources.

Typographic design for children


The website entitled “Typographic Design for Children” describes a variety of research projects carried out under this larger umbrella project.

U&lc online : upper & lowercase magazine


International Typeface Corporation (ITC) is a US-based company, which works in typeface design and marketing. It collaborates with international designers to provide an extensive library of typefaces – of both classic and innovative designs – which can then be licensed to companies in the graphic design, computer and printing technology fields. As a member of the Association Typographique Internationale, ITC helps to raise the quality of typographic design and campaigns on issues relating to design protection and licensing. U&lc Online started out as an online companion to ITC’s magazine. However, as it states on the website it is now “ITC’s online voice”. Published twice a year, it is a free online journal of graphic design, typography and digital media, with full-text articles and an archive going back to 1998. Features about typographic designers are also included.