Penguin collectors’ society


The Penguin Collectors’ Society is a British organisation devoted to Penguin Books. The Society produces a variety of scholarly publications for members, such as: ‘Penguin by Designers’ (2007); ‘In Search of a Hero: Looking for Allen Lane’ (2006) by Alistair McCleery of Napier University; and the first English translation of ‘The Typography of Penguins’ (1956), among others. These books do not appear to be available via Amazon UK. The Society newsletter, The Penguin Collector, is published twice a year. The website has all the details one would expect to find on the website of a major publishing history society, plus additional items such as a free ‘Students’ Guide’. The history and influence of Penguin Books is judged to be of significant scholarly interest across a range of disciplines – for instance, in 2008 the AHRC funded a £750,000 project to create an online catalogue of the Penguin Archive at Bristol University.


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